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If you have knee pain, or any other form of knee pain, it is well worth consulting with a trained stem cell therapy in Greensboro NC pain doctor. A specialist can perform surgery on your knee to remove the damaged cartilage. In many cases this can restore full function and remove the need for expensive and often painful replacement knee joint replacement surgery. Before you decide on a stem-cell procedure, it is important to consult a skilled and board certified orthopedic surgeon in Greensboro NC. While visiting a doctor, ask about possible side effects, benefits, and risks.

With new medical research, doctors have discovered that stem cells obtained from a patient's own body can help treat many non-surgical knee ailments. While a specialist can provide more invasive treatment, it is possible to get relief from pain with stem cell therapy in Greensboro NC. Talk to a pain doctor in Greensboro about possible treatments.

Knee pain can occur for a variety of reasons. Many times it is related to arthritis and can cause inflammation. Some cases involve injuries and may require arthroscopic surgery to fix the source of the pain. Generating knee pain can be stressful and cause emotional strain on the patient and family.

A doctor can use stem cell therapy in Greensboro NC to treat almost any type of knee pain. Swelling and pain are common symptoms, but there can be other issues with stem cell therapy in Greensboro. The procedure is considered safe and successful, however there are some risks. Blood clots can develop in the vein surrounding the knee, and this can be a serious complication. For this reason, it is very important to talk to a doctor who is fully trained and experienced with stem cell transplant procedures.

In the United States, doctors can take either a single stem cell from a healthy adult or a group of stem cells from different people. When the desired number of stem cells has been harvested, the doctor will remove a small piece of skin with stem cells. The doctor then implants the patch, which is usually made of polyethylene, directly into the knee. The procedure is performed one stem cell at a time, until a sufficient number of cells have been used to bring about a full knee replacement.

Many patients feel immediate relief from their pain after the procedure is completed. Swelling and pain are often relieved in a matter of days, and most patients report having a noticeable improvement in their mobility immediately following surgery. This procedure is very safe, with few risks, and is very effective for many people. Before considering this treatment, it is important to speak to a doctor about your health and any other health issues you might have. While this procedure is generally successful, it might not be for you.

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